Australian Lawyers And Scholars Are Encouraging Civil Disobedience In This Year

Julian Burnside: What sort of country are we? | The Conversation

UW scientists are pioneering research on ‘body maps’ in babies’ brains | UW Today

The pattern of infants’ brain activity corresponded to the body parts being used, providing the first evidence that watching someone else use a specific body part prompts a corresponding pattern of activity in the infant neural body map.

And much more… interesting research!

Danish Happiness

This article “Denmark is the Happiest Country” (Huffington Post, Oct 2013) is from a while ago, but quite worthwhile particularly in the current federal political context in Australia.

Relevant aspects are personal welfare as well as the overall social and political climate, and economic prosperity. It’s a pretty complete package.

The article notes that people feeling well cared for is a key factor, and that’s obviously not about seeing more police on the streets or politicians making scary announcements about terrorism. It’s also about caring for those around us. That’s a local social aspect, as well as an international issue (how to respond to a refugee crisis).

Other matters of importance are equality (in every respect), education, healthcare.

Worth a read. Of course, those who most need to learn these things are the people who don’t think there’s anything wrong with what they’re currently doing. But still.

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