PotLuck @ Lentz (Arana Hills)

Instead of doing house warmings and other parties, we started something different: every so many weeks on a Saturday or Sunday is “Pot Luck at Lentz”. FAQ below.



This is a modernised version of something my family used to do, back to great-grandparents. We like having people over. Talk. Eat. Play. Laugh. Learn. It’s good.


  • Well we might have other things going on. See the Google calendar links below, simply check there before rocking up and you’ll be right. If you subscribe to the ical feed, it’s even easier!
  • Starting time? Some are 5pm onward (evening – if lots of kiddies are intended to come, a bit earlier like 4pm), some are just an afternoon thing.
  • Finish time? About 10pm for evenings, 5-6pm for afternoons.
  • Calendar: HTML iCal


  • Am I invited? If you’ve previously been invited by Claire or me. But you can ask.
  • Do I need to RSVP? If you’ve been previously invited, you can just rock up! You can let us know if you want but it’s ok if you don’t.
  • Can I bring someone along? We suggest you first come at least once by yourself to check out the dynamics, then if you reckon someone you know would fit well, just ask us.
  • Kids? Yes, cool. My Phoebe, Max, Natasha and Caroline will often be there also. We have kiddie stuff, but the house is NOT toddler safe. You remain responsible for your smurfs.
  • Who else might be coming? Well you never know (and neither will we) and that’s part of the fun! The invitees are family, friends we know through my work, OSS interests, politics, freethinkers, others. Fun blend.


  • Address? If you’re invited, you know. (if you had a Kenmore, Indooroopilly, St Lucia or Keperra address, they’re old – ask for new, we’re in Arana Hills now)
  • Parking? Yes, on the street please.
  • Public transport? near Grovely and Ferny Grove Station (on the Ferny Grove line) although you’ll want to catch a lift from there to/from our place, and bus 397 on our street.
  • Chairs? ample seating available here, no worries.
  • Want Food? Yea food is good. “Bring a plate” concept – food or ingredients sufficient for yourself (dinner and later nibblies), then there’ll never be a shortage but of course you can share/swap with others. Please don’t bring anything with meat (seafood ok): there are some veggies and otherwise sharing gets problematic.
  • So I can cook at your place? Yes you may use our kitchen, it’s encouraged! (note that there might be others doing the same) and also any condiments/herbs/spices. If you use a lot of something or finish it, put a contribution in for replacement and make sure we know we need to get new. Easy. You’re also responsible for cleaning up (there is a dishwasher).
  • Barbeque? Present (even if it’s raining) but you take care of it including cleaning.
    Other cooking gear? Plenty of it, but check it out some time or ask me if you need anything in particular.
  • Drinks? Alcoholic or not, is fine. Won’t have lots of ice though, so bring own or cope with limited fridge space.
  • Drunk? No. we don’t like it, plus kids might be around. Don’t ever go there.
  • Stay? Might be possible, ask first please.


  • What else do we do? Talk, play games (Mah-Jongg (not the solitaire game! for free computer version see xmj for Unix and Windows, in synaptic as mah-jong on Ubuntu), Taboo, Jenga, Munchkin, whatever – we have some games but you can bring one along). This is part of the pot luck!
  • Swimming pool? – yep!
  • Table space? – Absolute abundance of tables and chairs inside and out, our place is big
  • Talk about what? Anything. You know us. No taboos.
  • Want to bring some music (USB stick, CD, MP3CD) or an instrument to play? Please do. We also have an electronic piano.
  • Want to bring a DVD to watch? We can do that sometimes, too.
  • Want to drop in but not feeling very social? You could quietly sit somewhere reading a book (your own or from my shelf) rather than participate in any chat or games, is fine (we have a nice beanbag, and a hammock).
  • Mess? At the end of the night, the house, kitchen and garden should be at least as clean as it was beforehand, otherwise you should help sort it out before you leave.
  • Smoking? Absolutely not. Not anywhere. Not even outside the house. We mean it. No exceptions.
  • WiFi. You’re welcome to use the Internet connection (Internode, native IPv6 + IPv4) from your laptop/mobile/tablet.
  • Wii. We have Wii, WiiMotes, nunchucks, steering wheels, guitar, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • Minecraft. We have our own server on our LAN (also available remotely – access via whitelist).