Hawker’s Notice door sign

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This sign at your front door will help you finally get rid of those pesky door sales people and related nonsense!

Printed on durable colorbond steel (10x13cm)

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This sign at your front door will help you finally get rid of those pesky door sales people and related nonsense!

Printed on durable colorbond steel (10x13cm) – free shipping within Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How effective is the sign?
    A: In my experience over a number of years, it does the job well. I’ve had sales people walk away quietly even with my front door wide open and me walking past. Not a sqeak!
  • Q: Does anybody ever offer the payment?
    A: Haha! Good question. So far, only once: two Mormon youths gathered coins from their pockets. Very cute.
  • Q: The price seem pretty high for a simple sign?
    A: Well, it has to be weatherproof/durable. Chances are you’ll only ever need to buy one sign.
  • Q: What material is the sign made of?
    A: Colorbond steel. Pretty weatherproof, as used for roofing and other outside work on buildings. The print uses UV-resistant ink.
  • Q: How do I fix the sign to my door or wall?
    A: Putting some silicon sealant on the back tends to work very well. Your sign comes with a page of information and instructions.
  • Q: Do I have to pay via Paypal?
    A: Yes, but through the Paypal gateway you can pay with credit card also. If you encounter any problems, please do let us know!
  • Q: What is the shipping time?
    A: Within Australia you can generally expect your package to arrive within a week.
  • Q: What about alternative designs and different colours?
    A: Such diversity would vastly increase the production costs. Also, I reckon the simplicity works in its favour.
  • Q: Shouldn’t it be “non-invited” rather than “uninvited” ?
    A: Possibly, since you didn’t invite them to begin with. But this reads better, and you could say that with this notice you’re specifically uninviting these people!
  • Q: What if I want to change the pricing on the sign?
    A: Keep it simple, it’s effective as it is.
  • Q: Why do you mention religion and real estate agents separately?
    A: Excellent question. In my experience, those people feel they’re not actually selling you something so in this way they get addressed directly.
  • Q: It looks a bit like a contract?
    A: Fair point. I realised that long after. By the way, I’m not a lawyer. I suppose in a way it is a contract, and that might be one of the reason why people take it seriously.
  • Q: Can you ship to my country? (outside Australia)
    A: Not right now, sorry. You could ask me, and we can see.
  • Q: Can you make one for my language/currency?
    A: Thanks for your interest! Please do contact me about this as it’ll depend on the interest.

Additional information

Dimensions 0.2 × 10 × 13 cm

2 reviews for Hawker’s Notice door sign

  1. Rusty Russell

    It works! And was great for starting conversations with people who were *supposed* to come in :)

  2. Kelly Yeoh

    Money well spent! There was a noticeable drop in door knockers almost immediately upon its arrival. I have dragged this thing around with me to three separate addresses, now, and haven’t had to deal with unwanted people selling products, services, religion, for years, although I have had a couple knock on my door for the sole purpose of asking if the sign works, and where they can get one. And it still looks as good a new!

    Several of my friends have now also bought them, with similar results.

    Highly recommended.

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