Kids of Today vs 1980s Technology

An interesting experiment! Unfortunately since I moved continents I don’t have any of that old gear any more… but the concept is great and I apply it for more things.

My first computer was a Sinclair ZX80, quickly followed by the awesome Acorn BBC/B (Acorn completely missing from!)
I learnt programming slightly before, on a DEC PDP-8 (in VT78 with two 8″ floppy drives and a line printer) at a local club.

Linux now Good for Video Recording and Editing

I used to use a Mac (OS-X) for video editing, format conversion and the like. But as I was preparing an old MiniDV camcorder to record a talk tomorrow, it appears that on my Ubuntu Linux I now have everything I need. Rock!

The functional recipe is:

  • Old JVC camcorder with firewire (IEEE 1494) cable to laptop;
  • Ubuntu GNU/Linux 11.04 (aka Natty Narwhal);
  • Kino recorder app;
  • OpenShot edit/export app.

I didn’t have to read any manuals or mess around, it “just works”. Using this setup I’m actually able to record directly on the laptop (rather than recording to a miniDV tape then copy it for editing), this is a great advantage as otherwise you’re always restricted by the capacity of the tape. The laptop’s harddisk is not going to run out of space these days.

Video art with rolls of sticky tape

Fabulous artwork – in a way it’s a pity he shows the “how” at the start! And my goodness he must have a lot of mess/waste afterwards…