Coal Seam Gas: By The Numbers – ABC

Coal seam gas has emerged as a major industry in Australia in little more than a decade.

The scale and speed of its growth has been nothing short of astonishing: billions of dollars have poured into regional areas; new jobs have been created; state and national coffers have swelled; export contracts have been signed and sealed; massive liquefied natural gas facilities have been approved for construction at regional ports.

Farmers fear they are losing control of their land. Miners and some politicians say coal seam gas offers a much greener energy choice. Environmentalists and other politicians have cast doubt on those claims.

The ABC’s data journalism project has pulled together information from dozens of sources to provide an insight into the promise and the dangers inherent in the coal seam gas rush.

Still a Fracking / Coal Seam Gas proponent?

News is spreading that the United States Geological Survey has released a report that links a series of earthquakes in Oklahoma last January to a fracking operation underway there.

See also Fracking Caused Earthquakes in England about similar events near Blackpool.