Woolworths Mental Misinformed Marmalade

Woolworths Homebrand Marmalade

I present to you two bits of info:

  1. “Made in Belgium from imported and local ingredients”. We’re talking about marmalade for the Australian market. Belgium is on the other side of the planet! Furthermore, oranges do not grow in Belgium, it’s too cold. So that key ingredient is definitely imported there first (from either a Mediterranean country or South America). This marmalade has travelled far to get to you which is beyond daft, considering I can grow any citrus tree in my back yard.
  2. Ingredients tend to be listed in descending order of quantity. The first item listed is “glucose syrup” extracted from wheat. Fine, marmalade and jam have huge amounts of sugar. But then we see the next item, oranges 55%. The order implies that there is more than that percentage of glucose syrup in the jar, making well over 100% and not leaving any room for other ingredients either. Unlikely scenario.

My conclusion: mental Marmalade, Woollies. Bad show.

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