My Story- Dolphins In The Blue- Chapter 1

Dolphins in The Blue


Flying through the air what a feeling! I now know how it is to be a seagull, floating on the breeze, flying over the sea. I dive back into the deep blue sea, my home. I need to get used to the feeling of soaring through the air. I just learned how to. My mum comes to fetch me clicking, I keep on forgetting! The big migration, we have to go up north because it is warmer there. This was going to be fun!

I dive down into the deep, deep sea and found a stray piece of sea weed and picked it up. ‘Tag! You’re it B!’ I squeal and swim away, ‘hey, Apollo! I never got warned!’ Bubbles scolded me playfully. It was on, a full on game of sea weed tag. We raced around flopping the sea weed on to each other’s backs, racing this way and that, going around in circles, catching up to the pod and shooting off again suddenly.

Five minutes later Flipper, my other best friend, came to join in and it was twice as fun from then on in. Later, when we were all tired out, we just swam in a line with the rest of the pod. Then Bubbles said what I think we were all thinking. ‘This is boring! Lets go play starfish ball!’ ‘Yeah!’ I agreed ‘that will be way more fun than this.’ We raced off with Flipper at our tails.

‘Last one to find a starfish is it!’ Flipper shouts and we all dive under the water searching for a starfish. Three minutes later Flipper and me have a starfish in our mouths, waiting for Bubbles who is goofing around balancing his starfish on his nose saying he can’t see any starfish. Just for that I shouted ‘Your it! And we get a five second head start!’ He was confused, but only for two seconds then he shouted, ‘onetwothreefourfive!’ and raced after us.

We swam through the pod, in front of them, behind them, around them throwing the starfish to each other and racing away and back. Soon our mums come and take us back to the pod. We soon slow down in a completely different part of the ocean. ‘Mum,’ I say, ‘I thought the big migration went on for at least five days.’ ‘Yes it goes on for a week, this means we are either stopping for the night, there is a meeting or danger is near.’ She replied, ‘Everyone! Here is where we stay for the night!’ says a voice which I knew at once. It was our pod leader, Slash, he had been in the pod since he was born. He was admired by everyone and everyone followed his orders. I was lucky to be friends with him. He has been a good friend and believed in me. Even when times get tough he is there for me, for the pod.

‘This is as far as we go for today. Get settled in for the night.’ There was a wave of squeaking and clicking from the pod to show their appreciation. The pod broke up around the area to find a good place to sleep, my mum and I swam off to find our friends and sleep near them.

We ended up sleeping in a little bunch near the middle of the pod. My friends and I swam off to find some afternoon tea, a tasty shrimp or squid would be good. We all came back at the same time each carrying something different. Flipper, carrying a crab, Bubbles carrying a fish and me, well, I was carrying a squid.

After afternoon tea we ended up having a competition of who can dive the deepest. We all swam down as far as we could… but then Slash came along and said in a stern voice, ‘Please do not do that on your own.’ ‘but we’re dolphins!’ Bubbles exclaimed ‘yeah! We know what we’re doing!’ Said Flipper hotly, ‘calm down, calm down! I never said that you can’t do it with me!’ and with that Slash dove under the surface and splashed us all. ‘Hey!’ I squealed and rushed after him.

We were all bursting with happiness and laughter after a few minutes of diving and coming up for air and diving down again, I knew it was too good to last. Soon our mums came and said it was time for bed, even Slash said, ‘ awww!’ In a playful voice but we got dragged away and Slash went to a friend. Soon we were all back to where we were before, getting ready for dinner and then bed.

After dinner, we had mackerel and cod, I went over to Bubbles and Flipper, who were already going down for the night. I was soon racing them down to bed. We were all so exhausted from all the swimming and playing that Bubbles and Flipper fell asleep instantly. That was the problem… everyone else can fall asleep instantly while I can’t. I swam around on the sea floor finding a good place to sleep, that was when I saw a dark shadow moving around in the distance. I froze. The shadow was coming closer and was looming into view…

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