The Gruen Transfer – The Pitch: Banning All Religion

The Gruen Transfer is an excellent ABC TV program exploring the murky world of advertising. It’s insightful as well as funny.

One of the regular items is “The Pitch” where two ad agencies are commissioned to create a TV ad to “sell the unsellable”. Note that this is satire… past examples included briefs for invading New Zealand, reintroducing child labour, and a parenting licence.

Last week, the two companies had to sell the idea of “banning all religion”. Interestingly, that was also for the first time in four years that several ad agencies declined to participate. They were ok with previous topics like those mentioned above, but not this. Hmm…

Both ads are good, but reckon the second one is a particularly awesome.

As presenter Adam notes: “You and your god may have other views” ;-)

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