The Variable Density of Cats

Thanks to living with a cat the past few months I have made an observation that cats appear to have variable density. Sometimes they are light as a feather and can glide between pieces of furniture, other times they appear to be heavier and floppier than almost anything else that I can think of. This is shown mostly by Figaro’s ability to leap from the groundĀ  to the couch via his scratching post, where he then goes into “dense mode” and slumps over the edges of the couch like some sort of liquid.

Sleeping on top of a bunk bed I have the opportunity to examine this very odd behaviour. He pounces up onto the top and waltzes very gently over my toes, finds a comfortable and warm spot then activates “dense mode” and suddenly there is a pile of bricks lying on my feet.

I find that all this points towards the fact that cats have variable density. It also fixes the one big problem in my “multiverse” theory.

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