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I'm Arjen Lentz, founder and exec.director of Open Query which provides MySQL and MariaDB related services (remote maintenance, system administration, consulting, training).

I am based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I have a blended family with Claire and our combined kids Max, Natasha, Caroline and Phoebe. You may also find black cat Figaro at our house.

  • I regularly speak at conferences and other events, particularly in my home region
  • I started which documents how my own company has been set up.
  • I instigated the BlueHackers initiative, drawing attention to and providing quiet support to fellow IT geeks coping with mental health themselves or within their peer/family group.
  • I designed the Hawker's Notice sign to keep away door-to-door sales.
  • I set up People's Forum Australia for public political discussion.
  • Phoebe and I do micro-loans on
  • I was conference director for the Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) for Brisbane, 26-29 November 2007
  • I run the Brisbane Web Tech meetup which (amalgamating the original MySQL and PHP user groups) usually meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month
  • I co-founded Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) and served as a director 2004-2008.
  • I serve on the program committee of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)
  • From 2001 until June 2007, I was employee #25 for MySQL AB, doing training, community relations, documentation, and support engineering.

I also have some other thoughts and ideas I spend time on, and that's the kind of stuff you might find on this wiki. But seriously... this is my scratchpad, whenever I come up with an idea, or a new aspect to an existing idea, I scribble it here. It allows the ideas to develop more effectively, or at least not keep leading my mind astray on old stuff while I'm working on other things - because once you've written something down, your mind is ok with letting it go for a bit... otherwise it'll just keep coming back. So this wiki is the homepage of my browser, just a single click away. Easy.

  • My blog is here
  • You can follow @arjenlentz on Twitter or Identica
  • My public profile is at LinkedIn
  • Humans may send me email, addressed to my first name (in lowercase) at

GPG Fingerprint

This is my GPG fingerprint (email address mangled slightly for online viewing). You shouldn't sign or trust this without additional verification, of course.

pub   1024D/7F22E7A7 2007-01-19
      Key fingerprint = 0E54 2032 DF29 CE55 053B  2D75 1C93 3DEA 7F22 E7A7
uid                  Arjen Lentz < my first name ( a t ) >
sub   2048g/C6C50D82 2007-01-19
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